DI GAÏA is a high-end footwear brand based in Athens, founded and designed by shoe designer Elvira Panagiotopoulou. DI GAÏA’s collections travel through culture and harmoniously blend Greek heritage with contemporary art and Italian craftsmanship.

Bold yet elegant, contemporary yet timeless, DI GAÏA’s designs feature graphic, minimal and organic elements, creating a dynamic feminine presence that aspires to ignite the divine power that every woman carries within. Represented by the symbol of a tree trunk’s heart, the brand’s logo of concentric tree rings symbolizes the stability, strength and endless rebirth given to women by Gaia, the primal Mother Earth Goddess.

The Laurel leaf, the brand’s signature motif, symbolizes victory and glory, to inspire and reflect the women who conquer daily challenges and stride unchartered paths.  “Walk as if you have already won” has been the brand’s motto from inception, aspiring to motivate woman to keep their feet firmly on the ground so they can safely reach the sky. Always with bravery, elegance and grace.

*All shoes are handcrafted from the finest materials by craftsmen in Florence and Athens.