The story

Defined by a bold yet minimal style, Di Gaïa’s footwear collections travel through culture and harmoniously blend Greek heritage with contemporary Art and Italian craftsmanship. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Florence and Athens, Elvira’s creations combine exceptional quality with a cool, sophisticated and timeless design, embellished by graphic and geometrical details.

Elvira’s love for nature inspired the brand's name ‘Di Gaïa’ which take its cues from the primal Mother Earth Goddess, Gaia. Represented by the symbol of a tree trunk’s heart, the brand’s emblem of concentric tree rings symbolizes the stability, endless rebirth and inner strength given to women by nature.

Di Gaïa’s designs evoke a dynamic feminine presence and add a contemporary cool twist that aspire to ignite the divine power that every woman carries within. 

the logo

DI GAΪA’s logo is inspired by the tree’s “heart”; a heart of concentric rings that symbolize the stability, strength, and endless rebirth given to women by Gaia, the primal mother earth goddess. The logo reflects the graceful, unbreakable connection that every woman has with the unique earthly powers given to her instinctively by nature.