Di Gaia derived from GAEA, the primal Mother Earth Goddess, is reflecting the inner strength that women were given instinctively by nature.
Each collection motivates women to keep their feet firmly on the ground so they can reach the sky;
Always with bravery and grace.
Defined by elegant yet dynamic lines, Di Gaia designs will make you

"Walk as if you have already won".



Di Gaia's logo is inspired by the tree's "heart";
a heart of concentric rings that symbolize the stability, strength, and endless rebirth given to women by Gaia, the primal Mother Earth Goddess.
This invisible, yet vibrant heart is always connected to the great forces of the earth and always evolving with a balanced and unstoppable pace.
The logo reflects the graceful, unbreakable connection that every woman has with the unique earthly powers given to her instinctively by nature.



Di Gaia shoes are designed with a vision for exceptional quality and flawless precision. This vision for perfection has driven the designer, to choose Italy as the “birthplace “of Di Gaia shoes.

All designs are exclusively made in the Tuscan area, where shoe craftsmanship has a long tradition of outstanding technique, dedication to perfection and incomparable quality.

In Tuscany’s high-end factories, Di Gaia designs come to life by the hands of the most skilled artisans.